• Cuevas Al Andalus - Alegria - Kitchen


    Alegria - A Contemporary Troglodyte Residence Facing the Sea

    Located in a secluded valley, Alegria is much more than a simple contemporary troglodyte house. It invites you to fully immerse yourself in an atmosphere decidedly oriented towards the sea. From the moment you cross the threshold, the call of the sea becomes palpable, transporting you to the deck of a ship, ready to face adventure.

    The interior of the residence is a captivating fusion between natural rock walls evoking rugged coastal formations and contemporary design elements. Floors inspired by sandy beaches and ceilings adorned with light wooden beams, reminiscent of the warmth of the sun, create a striking contrast.

    In the kitchen, functionality merges with aesthetics with clean lines and stainless steel surfaces, complemented by large windows offering a panoramic view of the plain. A terrace extends outside, creating a spacious area where you can relax and enjoy the Andalusian sun.

    The bathroom is an oasis of relaxation, with a walk-in shower, minimalist design faucets, and translucent glass tiles in soothing sea-inspired tones.

    In the living room, elegance reigns with clean-lined sofas and large openings framing the view of the horizon, creating a sense of infinity.

    The main bedrooms are sanctuaries of tranquility, with noble wooden beds, minimalist furniture, and light draperies that dance to the rhythm of the sea breeze, constantly reminding you of the proximity of the ocean.

    Alegria is much more than a troglodyte house. It is a haven of peace where the charm of the past harmoniously blends with modernity, allowing you to escape beyond the Andalusian lands to a world oriented towards the sea.


  • Cuevas Al Andalus - Solea - Living room


    Solea - Grandmother's Era with a Touch of Modernity

    Nestled in the heart of a timeless hill, Solea transports you to an era reminiscent of our grandmothers while offering a hint of modernity for today's comfort. This contemporary troglodyte residence is an invitation to a journey into the past, while benefiting from the most current amenities.

    Inside, the natural rock walls evoke an ancestral shelter, while contemporary design elements bring a fresh touch. Earth-toned tiled floors recall a rustic ambiance, and ceilings adorned with dark wooden beams add a warm note.

    The kitchen embodies the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, with elements reminiscent of grandmother's recipes and state-of-the-art appliances. Light wooden cabinets harken back to kitchens of yesteryear, yet modern appliances make meal preparation a breeze. A large wooden table invites friendly gatherings.

    The bathroom is an oasis of relaxation, with a walk-in shower evoking a bygone era, but with modern amenities for a contemporary wellness experience. Translucent glass tiles add a charming touch, while sleek-designed faucets offer modern comfort.

    The living room is a comfortable space with plush armchairs and large openings that overlook the surrounding nature, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

    The main bedrooms are intimate retreats, with night tables embedded in the rock, antique furniture, and soft textiles. Each room transports you through time while providing contemporary conveniences.

    Solea is much more than a contemporary troglodyte house. It is a unique experience, blending the charm of the past with modernity, inviting you to discover the era of grandmother's recipes in a comfortable and soothing setting.


  • Cuevas Al Andalus - Granaina - Dining room


    Granaina - Cocooning Ambiance, a Timeless Environment

    Granaina envelops you in a cocooning ambiance, inviting you to plan your peaceful getaways in a timeless environment. This contemporary troglodyte residence combines the charm of the past with modernity, thanks to the use of carefully restored and reused period materials in spacious areas.

    When you step through the door, you enter a world where time seems suspended. The rock walls serve as a backdrop to this soothing space, creating a captivating contrast with contemporary design elements. The floors, resembling stones, add a rustic touch, while the ceilings are adorned, here, with restored wooden beams, bringing warmth and character. And there, at an unusual height, you will see natural cavities.

    The kitchen embodies the harmony between tradition and modernity, with reused marble countertops that tell their own story, and state-of-the-art appliances making the preparation of delicious meals easy. A large wooden table is the perfect place for convivial family or friends' dinners.

    The bathroom is a sanctuary of relaxation, with a modern shower built in the purest tradition, while offering modern sanitary facilities for contemporary comfort. Mosaic tiles add a touch of charm, while sleek design faucets provide a modern touch.

    The living room is a comfortable space with cozy sofas, shelves for storing antique books, creating a warm atmosphere. Large openings offer a soothing view of the spacious interiors.

    The main bedrooms are peaceful retreats, with massive beds and restored furniture evoking the past while offering modern comfort. Each room is a haven of tranquility, where you can relax and rejuvenate.

    Granaina is much more than a contemporary troglodyte house. It is a unique experience that combines the charm of restored ancient materials with modernity, allowing you to plan your quiet getaways in a timeless environment.



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