Festivals declared of tourist interest

Festivities of San Anton and San Sebastian

From January 16 to 20. Each year these festivals, where all the participants get involved with enthusiasm, are repeated for "only 3 days". And at what pace!

Enlist in the "national guard" made up of hundreds of soldiers and follow suit. Celebrate at the many banquets generously prepared by families who want soldiers to take their children "under their wings" as pages. At the bend, the dancers dressed in atypical outfits will also be incorporated into the troupe. Then the saints will then be at the center of this feast, for whom the military salute, the dance of the flag, the representation of the dancers, the mass, or even a battle will be dedicated to them.

During another detour, the Mayor will take care of keeping watch for one night in the colors (flag) of this festival. This army accompanied by the dancers, the page, will never stop strolling in the alleys at the pace of a hectic march. Supported by the harmony interpreted by the drums and other percussions that the fanfare composes.

The village allows everyone to eat in return for free financial participation. This is how you can taste the specialties that are no longer to present: La Ternera on the first day, followed by Migas the following day and finally the Paella.

The apotheosis of these festivals takes place on Saturday. A representation of a clash between Moors and Catholics, as there were so many, during Muslim conquests over Spain and then France from the 8th to the 15th century.

Sunday is reserved for children, parade in the morning then tasted regaled by the festival committee.

One of the many amateur videos you can find on the web. Keywords: "Fiestas San Anton y San Sebastian Orce".


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